We’re happy to announce that the awaited endorsement feature will be released on Tuesday Feb. 20 in Open Badge Factory having an effect also on Open Badge Passport!

This cool new feature makes it possible for OBF user organisations to endorse badges created by other OBF organisations as well as endorse single organisations.

Endorsement works so that an organisation asks other organisations to endorse them or their badges. The organisation giving endorsement has to be added to a partner network by the organisation asking for endorsement. The endorsing organisation can also endorse without the other organisation asking for it as long as they are added as a partner.

The possible endorsement will be visible in the badge’s information for the badge viewer in Open Badge Passport.

A tutorial video about endorsement will be released in the upcoming days!

There will be a free OBF Academy webinar about endorsement happening on Tuesday Feb. 27 at 2:00 pm GMT ():00 am EST, 16:00 EET). Check details here and join!