Open Badges and Open Badge Passport

You’ve probably noticed that although you receive certificates and diplomas for formal education and training, your informal learning often goes unrecognised. But in the 21st Century, we learn and achieve new things not only at school but also at work, through hobbies, volunteering and many other activities across our lives. How can we recognise and acknowledge this valuable informal learning and carry it forward?

With the help of Open Badges!

Open Badges are based on a digital standard created by the Mozilla Foundation to recognise learning, know-how, achievements, skills and attitudes. Although this phenomenon is still new, millions of badges have already been issued around the world. Soon you’ll start seeing more and more opportunities to earn badges through education, volunteering and in the workplace.

Open Badges are highly valuable for learners but also for organisations. They can use them to set goals, build learning paths or to engage students or employees.

 “Team Worker”, “Social Media Expert”, “Fair Coach”, “Diligent Summer Worker”, “Student Tutor”, “Association Chair”…there are countless uses for Open Badges! You might not be able to use them right away, but you can create a free account and save your Open Badges into an Open Badge Passport. Then in the future, you’ll be able to use them when you apply for jobs or formal education programs.

With Open Badge Passport you can easily receive, save and organise your Open Badges.and share them on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You can even create a CV around them. Take pride in your achievements and build a versatile and interesting gallery of your skills and know-how with Open Badge Passport!

The Open Badges concept is a very positive thing; it is easy to acknowledge informal learning and achievements with them, which has previously been difficult. The gamification aspect as well as the versatility of Open Badges made me want to learn more about the topic. We have noticed that Open Badges work amazingly with informal learning.” – Lotta Pakanen, OK Study Centre

Would you like to know more? You can become more familiar with Open Badges and the different ways to use them through these links:

Final note: if you are part of an organisation interested in issuing Open Badges to students, employees or customers, make sure you visit our sister site to learn how!