• Open Badge Passport mobile app available for IOS and Android

    The Open Badge Passport mobile application has been released for IOS and Android. Download your app from the App Store or Google Play and try it out! We believe that this new application will make receiving and using badges easier, bring new possibilities and promote a wider utilization of badges in general.

    Download for IOS here.

    Download for Android here.

  • Open Badge Passport mobile app has been released

    We are pleased to announce that the mobile app of Open Badge Passport for Android has been released. Download your app from Google Play and spread the word! We trust that this new app will ease the utilisation of badges and support new interesting use cases.

    Download here.

  • Webinar recordings available

    Eric Rousselle gives an introduction to the new features of Open Badge Factory and Open Badge Passport such as OBP’s new mobile app and environments.

    Webinar in English here.

    Webinaire en français ici.

    Webinaari suomeksi tässä.

  • New features in Open Badge Passport

    Open Badge Passport was updated on November 10th, 2020. The goal of this release is to improve the features of the Explore-section and the management of selfie badges. Read more about the new features here.

    We will also have a webinar “OBF and OBP development strategy and new features” where Eric Rousselle will talk about the product development strategy and product development plans of Open Badge Factory and Open Badge Passport. He will also introduce new features such as OBP’s new mobile app and environments. Join us on December 1st at 2 pm GMT. Read more here.

  • OBF Academy webinar - Badging skills in the new normal

    Satu Järvinen from SkillSafari will share insights on her work with badges in various African countries, the opportunities, and challenges badging faces in a rapidly emerging continent. The webinar is on October 20th at 2 pm BST. Details here.

  • OBF is releasing a new feature - Shareable badge applications

    One of Open Badge Factory’s focus areas is to support collaboration and the development of badge ecosystems. We are happy to announce, that in late September it will be possible for OBF Pro users to share several badge applications at the same time as links! With shareable badge applications, it will be easier for a large network of reviewers to assess skills and achievements on a common basis. Read more here.

  • Check out our free webinar recordings

    OBFAcademy offers everyone interested in Open Badges, a beginner or a professional, a possibility to join our free webinars! The webinars provide information on the latest updates and new features, interesting use cases and tips and ideas to develop your Open Badges strategy. Check out our previous and upcoming webinars here.

  • OBF Academy webinar - Badging for success

    On Tuesday September 15th at 2 pm BST Dr Wayne Gibbons from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology will talk about the design, implementation and outcome of GMIT’s badge scheme. In his thesis research, Dr Gibbons discovered 14 distinct roles for badges, 7 enablers for participation in the scheme, and statistically significant increases in motivation due to the badges. You are welcome to join the webinar!

    Details here.

  • GDPR

    We have been developing and providing high quality online learning services for many years and we have always been strongly committed to offer the best data security and personal data protection to our customers. As a European service provider, we welcome the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”, 679/2016) and believe it brings transparency and trust in personal data processing.

    Read more about OBP and GDPR here.

    We will also organise a GDPR webinar on our next OBF Academy on May 15 at 2pm GMT and hope that you can join us! Read more here.