• Soon you can apply for more badges!

    A new feature will be updated to Open Badge Passport, which enables organisations using Open Badge Factory to advertise their own badges in Passport’s Gallery → Apply for a badge page. The aim is to give better visibility to Open Badges so users would find badges they are interested in and could create different paths for themselves by earning badges.

    Badges that can be applied for are in the Gallery → Apply for a badge area.

    • Users can search for badges by the name of the badge or by the issuer organisation with the Search tool.
    • NB! Badges allocated to the user’s country are shown first by default but by choosing All from the menu the user can see all badges that are advertised all over the world.
    • By clicking the » Apply for the badge link, the user will see more detailed information on how they can apply for the badge or if an event, course or similar is associated with the badge.
    • If the badge seems interesting the user can add the badge to Favorites making it easy to search for the badge again later by using the Favorites tag. This way the user doesn’t have to fill out the badge application right away as the badge is saved and it’s possible to fill out the application when the user has the time to do that.

    Don’t be disappointed if you can’t find a suitable badge for yourself right away! New badges and applications are being published little by little so make sure you check back every now and then, you might be pleasantly surprised!

  • Open Badge Passport update 8.11.2016

    Open Badge Passport will be updated on Tuesday Nov. 8th at 15:00 EEST (14:00 BST). The platform will be unavailable for about an hour due to this.

    Content of the update:

    • bug fixes
    • improvements to the mobile user interface
    • notification to home page if the user gets a new badge —> accept or reject the badge also done here
    • tips on how to get started to home page
  • Open Badge Passport update 24.10.2016

    Open Badge Passport will be updated on Monday Oct. 24th at 15:00 EEST (14:00 BST). The platform will be unavailable for about an hour due to this.

    Content of the update:

    Comment badges:

    • Users can add comments to all badges in Open Badge Passport.
    • All logged in users can read comments on badges.

    Follow badges:

    • When users follow a badge, they will get notifications regarding the badge for example when the badge gets comments.
    • From the Connections area, users can manage the badges they follow.
  • Open Badge Passport update 04.10.2016

    Open Badge Passport will be updated on Tuesday Oct. 10th at 16:00 EEST (14:00 BST). The platform will be unavailable for about an hour due to this.

    Content of the update:

    New theme for the user interface:

    • new colours
    • simplified badges
    • users can edit the Badge settings at the Badge info section
    • users can find a new ”management” drop down menu at the Badges page (import badges, upload badges, export badges)

    Reporting feature:

    • users can now reach out to us and report of a possible issue via their profile page, shared page or shared badge + Gallery area (inappropriate content, translation issues, bugs, unofficial badges, etc.)

    Bug fixes

    • Badge upload from computer
    • translation fixes
    • the Badge evidence can also be found from Gallery and pages
    • the connection issue with Mozilla Backpack has been fixed
  • Maintenance on Monday 27.6.

    On Monday 27.6. between 15.00-16.00 our service will be down for maintenance.

    Open Badge Passport will be temporarily unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Best Regards, the OBP team

  • New Open Badge Passport is here!

    Open Badge Passport has been released on a brand new platform today, June 16th 2016. OBP is now faster, safer and completely open source. We are now also able to develop new features faster due to the new release.

    We are also inviting anyone interested in Open Badges and open source projects to take part in this ongoing development of Open Badge Passport. What kind of features you’d like to see in Passport? Take a look at salava.org, register, submit your ideas and thoughts and even take part in developing new features.